Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Voice from the Borderland

I can hardly find the volume knob on my desktop speakers for all the beer bottles on my desk. Only two of them from tonight, though a third to join them sounds good, and maybe I should clean, but that will come later. Not tonight. I turn the knob, lower than I'd like fearing the high twangs of spanish guitar will wake my roommate.
I first heard of Tom Russell via pursuit of the music of Ian Tyson (there's another entry entirely to itself there). Russell has done good work with Tyson's material, but I've almost always preferred the original. The name however has been familiar, though I've never sought out his work for its own sake, so when I came across his blog a couple months back, I tagged it in my favorites and have returned to read it occasionally. Occasionally in recent weeks has been something more akin to often, checking for each new entry. Tonight, after reading a little, I decided it was time for music, and turned to YouTube to track the man down. Its not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but its certainly mine.
Russell has a distinct voice, in his songwriting, in his blogging, and I can only assume in his published writing which I may need to track down.

At any rate, I've added his link to my blogroll at right, for those interested. Its worth a look.

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Steve Bodio said...

Lots of Tom Russell (whom I like) on the box at the Spur-- but everybody thinks he wrote the songs...