Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rules for Writing

The more I write, interact with other writers, and attempt to get published, the more observations I have on my craft. I have begun keeping a running list of some of my observations that have become personal rules (albeit flippant) for my writing. At some point this will be a longer list, and worth putting out in its entirety. For now, however, my first five rules will have to suffice. Will add more over time.

1. Turn token and poetry pay into beer. (Turn no pay into beer; Look in the couch cushions for money.)

2. Turn every six pack into poetry, every bottle into a story.

3. Earn acceptances that make all your rejections turn to regret in the pit of the rejecting editors stomach.

4. Get back in the saddle. Now.

5. Commit to the shape of things, and embrace the "attitude of the knife"; When editing is finalized, divorce yourself from any desire for the work, cut it off, say “now it's complete, because it's ended here", and send it in.

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