Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Fitna is an Arabic word which, though difficult to translate, refers in general to a schism, anarchy, upheaval, and etc. Specifically it alludes to times of trial of faith, or faith based war and strife.
It is also a title of a short film by Geerts Wilder, a Dutch politician, about Islam, and his belief that Islam is a threat to the way of life in the Netherlands, and elsewhere. It’s a very powerful piece, and should be watched by everyone – even defenders of Islam.

The reaction in the European press to Fitna has been overwhelmingly negative. Popularly and in government as well, efforts have been made to suppress Fitna, and discredit the views of Geerts Wilder. Advertisements against Fitna have been taken out in major Dutch newspapers, while the Dutch government vehemently denies any support with the film’s message or Wilder’s opinions.

I have no hatred for Muslims as a whole – Although I do at times have a profound disrespect, and sadness, for many of them – but I certainly have no love. And it is about more than just terrorism. There are plenty of Muslims who have no fondness for radical Islam, who do not worship at mosques inhabited by radical clerics, who do not give monies that end up supporting al qaeda. However, these same Muslims believe in Islam based education, and no more, for their children – An education which replaces science, history and real world knowledge with an ignorant and violent mythology. These same Muslims force their women to wear chador, perform female circumcision (a mutilation performed exhospitalis, without anesthetic or proper tools, of the vulva causing a lifetime of problems, including sexual difficulty and recurring [often fatal] infections), and believe in honor killings of women who reject these practices. No, they do not support terrorism, they do not blow up buildings – They simply cripple their children, mutilate their daughters and murder their wives. And they are demanding that their “culture” be allowed to flourish wherever they set foot, as if they are special and deserve privileges above and beyond those of others.
The only reason they must fall on their religion as a defense for the things they demand, is because the brutality and ignorance of their culture is so great that the laws and habits of most other cultures outlaw or frown upon many of their practices.
And some Muslims are none of the above – They are progressive, and have removed from their practice those barbaric traits. But so few of them are supportive of the calls to abolish extremist Islam wherever is arises – So many simply keep their faith silently, and seem unwilling to stand against those who would murder and destroy in the name of Islam. And just like all moderates of any religion, you must realize these are people willing to believe in part of a religion that advocates murdering rape victims, but only the parts they like. People willing to turn their backs on their faith, and their powers of reason, equally by trying to balance the two. Their rationality is thus, at best, suspect.

I’ve made my judgements, and I ask no forgiveness or permission for them. As I have said before, I am the enemy of everyone who opposes education and enlightenment – Particularly those who do so as violently and oppressively as fundamentalist Islam.
Watch the film. Watch other films. Judge for yourself the honesty and sincerity of Islam as a “religion of peace”, and the nature of those who defend it, and their reasoning.

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