Monday, January 21, 2008

John Cale - Hallelujah

I really dig being able to so easily embed stuff from YouTube in the blog, but I feel like I'm abusing it to make up for a lack of creativity a bit as well. Oh well.

I really wanted to post another John Cale video, but the sole uploader has disabled embedding on that one (damn his eyes), so this will do. Cale was a founding member of Velvet Underground, appearing on their first two albums, one of the quasi-disciples of Andy Warhol, and etc. He is also a violist, as well as a pianist and bass guitarist. I've recently become a pretty big fan after finding his album, with Lou Reed, "Songs for Drella".
Hallelujah is one of my favorite songs - It hurts, and it heals, and it leaves me pessimistic and hopeful, - and Cale's version is truly one of the best, after Leonard Cohen himself.

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